Friday, June 5, 2015

West Side Market

"West Side Market"

This is the West Side Market, Main Entrance, (South Face), on the corner of W.25th and Lorain, just west of downtown Cleveland. I digitally enhanced this image, which was taken around dusk, with some texture and painting effects.

The West Side Market has been In Operation since November 2, 1912, and is Clevelands oldest continuously operating municipally owned market, and is located in Ohio City. In 2008, the West Side Market was designated as one of 10 Great Public Places in America, by the American Planning Association and continues to offer an authentic and culturally diverse shopping experience. The West Side Market celebrated its Centennial in 2012.
Source: West Side Market's Website

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Anonymous said...

Love this artistic image of West Side Market! Hazel... said...

The pieces of art you've presented is to my extreme liking! To my mind they are full of life and happiness! I'll be looking forward to watching more pics!