Monday, September 24, 2012

Delicate Delight

I must love these daisies that my daughter planted around the gaslight in the front yard about 10 years ago, because I take so many pictures of them. I pick them occasionally and have so much fun photographing them. I'm always coming up with some new ideas. This shot was actually taken a little over a year ago when I was experimenting with soft northern window light in my kitchen. I  love the soft and delicate look of these and being in a jar gives it a down home country appearance. I was able to retain the nice backlight and also fill in some reflected light to show more detail on the flowers.

Friday, September 21, 2012

The Lady Has Class

"The Lady Has Class"

A few days ago I was walking down my driveway and a Rose of Sharon was  
growing right next to the house by the downspout. I probably should pull it out
so it doesn't get too much bigger and ruin the foundation. But in the meantime I took
a few pictures with my camera phone because I was in a hurry to go someplace and
I didn't have time to get my camera. That's the story of my life, always in a hurry. 
So today I downloaded the files to my computer and they were surprisingly
quite good. I have tons of captures of these Rose of Sharons which are in the
Hibiscus family by the way, because they are growing all over my yard. I was in
a very creative zone so I started playing and stylizing and somehow this emerged. 
I really like it and I think would make a great photo transfer for a totebag or tapestry.
Or perhaps on just the right black material it would make an awesome cocktail dress.
Only my imagination knows for sure where she will end up...