Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shoveling snow and stray cats.

Well I shoveled a lot of snow yesterday and today, and I'm really sore. I was too tired and too cold to take pictures so I came inside to get warm and take a rest. When I got my energy back it was too dark. So no snow pictures this time around. I was looking through my files of snow pictures from last year to post, but nothing struck my fancy. Then I remembered when we had our first snow in December of 2007, about 2 weeks before Christmas, Miss Kitty was out in the snow. She was acting bewildered and I got the feeling she never saw snow before. So of course I took some pictures of her trying to hide from the snow, she peaked her head out of her hiding place and I captured this one. She was a stray that just appeared out of nowhere one day three months earlier. She wasn't afraid of me and kept coming around whenever I went out to the front of the house. I ignored her for a few days and then I couldn't help myself, I started talking to her, petting her and feeding her. I didn't want the cost and responsibility of another animal, and I already had and still have a dog. So I took some really good pictures of her, (not the one shown here), and made a little 'found cat' flier and hung it up at several places, but no one ever claimed her. I called every animal shelter in the area and surrounding areas, no one was taking cats because they were overflowing with strays. So we ended up keeping her. She is at my boyfriend's house with his cat. He didn't want another animal either. BTW - both cats tolerate Faith, my dog, and I think they are even starting to like her a little, she's always trying to check them out, and of course gets really jealous when I pay attention to them instead of her.


clouda9 said...

Snap to our's all about Miss Kitty. Yours and mine, cuz I have a Miss Kitty too. Great pic...our Miss Kitty is of Russian Blue decent. I have a picture I'll share with you offline.

Patricia Griffin said...

What a sweet-looking critter. We had to leave our kitty behind when we moved to the coast. She's so bonded to our house and neighborhood, and the new residents leasing the house said they would take care of her. We still kept the "mother-in-law" quarters there for ourselves when we return (for my work) and we see her then. She seems OK, but it's kind of weird.