Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Is Here

I make my own card every Christmas. This year's just got done but won't be mailed on time. I wasn't going to make them because I was low on funds and low on time. I talked to a friend from Florida yesterday and he said, I can't wait to see your card, I look forward to them. At that moment I thought I have to make them, I can't let him down. I enjoy doing them and now I realize many people look forward to them. This is a card that I made for Christmas 2006. It is one of my favorites. This one is a mixed media collage. I photographed it and put the finishing touches on it in photoshop. Enjoy! Merry Christmas and don't forget to count your BLESSINGS! For anyone who celebrates Chanukah or Kwanza or any other tradition at this time of the year, may your holiday season be filled with joy and love!

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Correen said...

I only wish that I could have created something so beautiful. Loved the card and story.