Sunday, July 13, 2008

Wall-E and Bobby

Ever Since I saw a movie trailer about 4 months ago about a really cute looking junkyard robot, I've been wanting to see Wall-E.
I immediately knew that it would be a great movie to see with my soon to be 8 years old, grandson. We went to see it on July 2nd downtown at the theater in Tower City since I had to drop off some of my greeting cards at Lake Erie Artists' Gallery. It is an animated sci-fi that takes place 700 years into the future. It has all the elements of a great flick, great visual effects, good sound track, humor and it is very thought provoking. And of course Wall-e is a hero and helps save the planet by compacting junk and finding love along the way.
After the movie we walked around and experienced the hustle and bustle of the pre holiday festivities that were underway. I had to get my camera out of my car and while we were walking back up to Tower City Centre, I was taking pictures of Bobby, who is one of my ongoing favorite subjects to photograph. These were taken in the parking garage, which I am discovering is a really cool place to take pictures. I would describe it as a subterranean odyssey of concrete and metal. Kind of a continuation of Wall-E's environment.

Watch Wall-E Trailer

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